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LoAllay consists of a team of experts in their various fields – creating a stable platform to provide everything that you would need to run a Startup or small business. We believe that every entrepreneur should have the best possible chance at succeeding, and we are here to help with all the mundane office administration and associated tasks so you can focus on your vision, and pursue your passion.

Founded by Theresa Horak – an entrepreneur herself with over 20-years' experience in management and administration in small business environments. Her career path has moved her between various sectors, such as fashion design houses, fitness club management, Information Technology and high-profile public speaker management. As a keen student of Positive Psychology, staff well-being is a priority and evident in the cohesive team efforts when providing services to LoAllay clients.


Each member has unique expertise, bringing a powerhouse team to service your company

Theresa Horak

Chief Muse and President

Roman Horak

Chief Technical Officer

Katie Rees

Forensics & Bookkeeping

Peter Lemmond

Bookkeeping & Auditing

Erinn van Wynsberghe

Entrepreneur in Residence

Kenza Bekkouche

Administrative Assistant Bookkeeping & Translations

Bo Yuan

Summer Intern

Peter Aloian

US Distribution Manager


Marcel Antonakas

Chief Digital Strategist

Lori Tarbat

Graphic Design Artist

Peter Schwarz

WordPress Developer

Lucas Gordon

Website Design

Amanda Diletti-Goral

Creative and Design

Eileen Reilly

Photography and Design

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