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Translations, Copywriting & Editing

Good stories told well communicate lasting impressions about who we are and what we offer our clients, but often we’re too close to our work to tell its story. That’s where a copywriter and editor comes in—to help you tell your story. You give us your ideas and we take care of crafting the writing.

Editing Services

Nothing creates doubt like a glaring spelling mistake.  We take your writing and polish it until it shines and still sounds just like you.

Website Content 

People turn to your website when they want to know about your business. We ensure your website is clearly written, easily navigable, highly informative and always compelling.  

Blog Writing

Many thought leaders don’t share their wisdom because it takes too long to shape good ideas into blog or LinkedIn posts. We help you create readable and shareable posts that drive people to your business. 

Translation Service

We offer an affordable option for translating your website, marketing material, training collatoral, documents and even books to Canadian French.


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