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Smart business decisions are founded on solid, relevant and timely information. But when you do simply do not have the time or human resource to gather and sift through data, we are here to help. 

Social Media Scan

Are you clued in to social media?
In an age where things change at the tap of a finger or the speed of a mouse-click, it’s imperative to catch your stakeholders where they already spend a huge chunk of their time, online. We’ll help you tune in to their social footprint, giving you first-hand knowledge of what your stakeholders think, where and when it matters. 

Due Diligence        

Thinking of taking your business to the next level?
Let us help you assess the risks and rewards to guide your business development. By doing due diligence on the industry and competitive landscape, we will help you distill information that will unlock your business’s growth potential.  

Data Mining

Do you need quality and relevant information that go beyond what Google Search can provide, to make critical business decisions?
We will mine the necessary information sources and databases, to ensure that you are armed with only the relevant data you need to steer your business to success.

General Research

... and so much more
• Consumer evaluation of products or services
• Employee satisfaction and      engagement / Staff feedback
• Grants and funding proposals
• Due diligence in support of financial/investment valuations, regulatory requirements
• Brand awareness / Reputation assessment
• Communications/PR audit
• Database management and dashboarding 


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