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LoAllay consists of a team of experts in their various fields – creating a stable platform to provide everything that you would need to run a start-up, small or medium sized business. We believe that every entrepreneur and small business should have the best possible chance at succeeding, and we are here to help with all the burdensome back office tasks so you can focus on your vision, and pursue your passion.


Make Your COMPANY a Priority.

WE certainly will.

Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting

Accurate monthly bookkeeping and financial reporting on sales & profits. Year-end reports prepared for auditing.

Computer Support and Technology Services

Grow your business to the next level with trusted industry strategies, fresh technologies and innovative advisors that understand and drive value.

Office & Executive Support Services

From Reception to the Executive Office, we are here to help you and your team to lighten your load: in-office or off-site.

Digital Marketing & Website Development

Whether you need an e-blast prepared, social media campaign or a new website, the design team will work magic.

Human Resources

We make managing your staff easy with necessary policy development all the way through to payroll management.

Strategic Planning

Our experts can develop and document strategic roadmaps to create direction in your business and plan for your success.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

If you are looking for someone in whom you can trust to get the job done on time, who is detail orientated, who will not just take ownership of a project but can provide insight and acuity that will help take your organization get to the next level, Theresa is your ideal person. You will find her dedicated, capable, hard-working and she will care as much about the success of your company and its future as you do. You will not be disappointed. You will probably be richer for it.

Jeff Dubberley, Vice-President @ Cygnus Applied Research


3 Tactics to Stay on Track as a Newbie Entrepreneur

3 Tactics to Stay on Track as a Newbie Entrepreneur

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5 Habits to Keeping a Clean Desk

5 Habits to Keeping a Clean Desk

    By Nada Al-Mutawaly   With a raging pandemic forcing us to work from home, staying organized has been difficult.  Our workspace is a reflection of our mental state, and staying on top of something as small as your filing system can be the key to...

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6 Habits to Increase Productivity

6 Habits to Increase Productivity

By Theresa Horak Finding time in the day is becoming increasingly challenging, especially for the busy entrepreneur.  When I started my business three years ago, I believed that the more hours I put in, the more I would get done. I used to unlock the office door as...

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