Building Community through LoAllay’s Services

By Maggie Kou

Are you ready for what comes next?

Since its inception, LoAllay has always been invested in building connections with entrepreneurs and creating robust community growth networks for small businesses.  As we enter a time of new beginnings and regrowth, we would love to work with you, helping you find the community and support needed to accomplish your goals.  Let’s review some of our key services that can help to alleviate the pressure and uncertainty so you can focus on your talents as an entrepreneur.

Our Network

Located in the McMaster Innovation Park (MIP), we are in close proximity to the Innovation Factory (a business accelerator for tech startups), the Forge (McMaster’s business incubator), and McMaster University. LoAllay is a member of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, Commotion Places, Fempreneurs, and SPARK Niagara. We work with clients and contractors in a wide array of fields including design firms, legal services, research institutions, renovation services, and much more. 

We can help you connect with the people and businesses that you need to grow your company.

Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting

Last minute taxes creeping up?  Box full of receipts you don’t know what to do with?  Our award-winning bookkeeping team is here to handle your financials so you can spend more time perfecting your business.  We offer tax filing, payroll services, preparing grant and funding applications, and even onsite bookkeepers. Click here for more information. (

Office and Executive Support

Paperwork, applications and reports can bog down any entrepreneur.  We offer both front-end and back-end support as well as virtual and executive assistants.  You can learn more about these services and book a free consultation here ( )

Translations, Copywriting and Editing

We can help you produce and refine your content for social media, blogs, grant writing, translations, and more.  Our experienced team emphasizes clarity and client input in our writing. Click here for more information. (

Digital Marketing 

Need help reaching new audiences?  Gaining and maintaining a strong online presence can be crucial in acquiring new customer leads as well as engaging with these customers and building customer retention.  Whether you’re working directly with consumers or B2B, our digital marketing team is here to help!  We offer services such as data mining, general consumer research, risk analysis, social media scans, and a wide array of marketing support.  You can learn more here. (

Website Development

Websites are an increasingly important “storefront” for businesses.  They can be crucial in business recognition and customer awareness as well as increasing sales.  Landing pages (a popular method of online sign-up forms) can have a conversion rate of 24%, higher than any other marketing avenue [source].  Our award-winning IT and web development team can help you improve your online presence.  You can learn more here. (   

Strategic Planning

If market instability has got you feeling uncertain about your business’ future, look no further. Our team has over 20 years’ experience in assisting startups, and would love to help you move your business forward no matter what stage you’re at.  We value creativity and participatory design in our strategic planning, financial planning, and business development services.  You can learn more here. ( 

Use the power of outsourcing to support your business’ growth by allowing our community of experts to help you take your business to the next level.  LoAllay can help with all your business needs by connecting you to the right network, grants, and community opportunities. Book your free one-hour consultation today. 

Investing in your business IS investing in your community.

reach out to us AND LET'S SEE HOW we can help you and your business move forward

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