Do Your Employees Really Need Training?

By Patricia Sinka

What do you mean Bob fell off the ladder for the third time this month? What do you mean Ms. Brown had a chemical spill in science class today and scurried out of class looking for a mop? I just heard that Robert has been teased for months due to the disfigurement on his face from that surgery he had earlier this year. What do you mean Lucy shouted at a customer at reception today?

Do any of the above scenarios sound familiar? There are many, many more stories I could share.

I often wonder about staff training. Why should I go to the trouble of organizing it? It’s a lot of work. It takes so much time to coordinate, and then there is the forever of chasing trainees to complete their modules.  Let’s not forget, there’s also the collection of the certificates, logging the training and then – well, we start all over again! 

Yet there are so many good reasons to put in the effort!

If Bob had taken “Ladder Safety in the Workplace” training, he would have learned how to use his ladder in a safe and proper manner. 

If Ms. Brown spent time participating in the “Workplace Hazardous Materials and Information Systems” training, she would have not only learned how to store hazardous materials but also what she should do in case of an accidental spill. 

If the staff who harassed Robert had taken the “Workplace Violence and Harassment” training and signed off on that policy, they would have known what the consequences would be for their actions and would have also known what rights Robert had as the victim of their harassment. 

Last but not least, there’s Lucy. She didn’t take the time to find out that the customer she was shouting at had a hearing impairment, and didn’t have the training to recognize and then support that customer. Had Lucy taken the “Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities” training, she would have been taught how to handle the situation.

Why do I train my staff? I do it because I care about them. I do it because the safety and security of our staff is the top priority. Training is worth every dollar spent and every minute it takes to do. When you think about it, without our precious staff, where would we be?


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